Fast Facts Live is a trivia show streaming Wednesdays at 9/8c. The typical game lasts about an hour, and consists of five rounds of five questions each. The first four categories are themed, and the final category is a grab bag of questions. While every game is different, they will always be designed for everyone to have fun so even if you’re not the best at trivia you’re still going to have a great time!

Every so often there are special episodes (like “Fast Facts Sports” or “Fast Facts Goes to the Movie”) where there may be more questions or special rules.

Creativeland, LLC is a creative media company in Milwaukee, WI founded by Tom Hillmeyer and Dan O’Keefe. The company was created to support Fast Facts Live, Dan’s “In Conclusion” podcast, and both Tom & Dan’s independent media projects. All official business of Fast Facts Live is conducted by Creativeland, LLC. Fast Facts Live is a product/service of Creativeland.

Anyone can play Fast Facts! You can watch the stream right here on the “Play” page, or you can watch on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Twitch. You submit your answers using “Chartybot,” our automated chat bot scoring system located on the “Play” page.

You can play with whomever you want or go solo! Only one prize will be awarded per winning team.

Charty is the troll thing that handles scoring over here at Fast Facts Live. Since Season 3 Charty has evolved into Chartybot, an automated chat bot scoring system.

Charty is also in charge of security. Do not cheat, or Charty will eat you.


Chartybot is an automated scoring system. You can access Chartybot at

Hit “Resume” in Chartybot. They’ll ask you for the email address you registered with, and will bring you right back to where you were.

Once you’re registered, hit “Menu” then “Select Round” in Chartybot. Note that once you select a round you will not be able to go back to any previous rounds.

Every time you submit an answer, Chartybot will ask you to confirm that you want to submit that answer.

Once your answer is submitted, we do not allow you to change your answer. Due to the nature of live streaming a trivia game on the internet, cheating is something we’re constantly battling. If you submit one answer and ask us to change it, we are forced to think you simply searched for the correct answer.

We encourage you to be careful before you hit submit, and know that spelling (mostly) doesn’t count, so if Chartybot and we can figure out you were going for the right answer we’ll give it to you!

Once your team name is submitted it is added to the game and cannot be removed or changed. Your team is linked to your email address, so if you register a new team you must use a different email address.


We pride ourselves on having the only open-answer trivia game on the internet that anyone can actually submit answers to (as far as we know). The vast majority of our questions are going to require free response answers, however some multiple choice and true or false questions will be thrown in every so often.

The double-or-nothing is exactly how it sounds: you either get double the points or none at all. You can use double-or-nothing on one round per game.

After you submit your final question for a round, Chartybot will ask you if you want to use your double-or-nothing. Once you use it, you lose it. If you use your double-or-nothing, Chartybot will look back at your round and see if you got every question correct. If you did, you get double the points from that round. If you got even one question wrong, you get zero points for that round.

If you chose to use it, use it wisely! You definitely don’t need to use it if you don’t want to. 

The Hail Mary is the final question of Fast Facts Live. It’s the most difficult question of the game.

Players will wager 0-10 points before the Hail Mary is revealed. A correct answer rewards players with the amount they wagered, an incorrect answer deducts that amount of points. No matter the player’s current score, everyone wagers 0-10 points.

We do a couple of things that may provoke this response. Questions on Fast Facts are designed to be:

  1. Difficult to quickly search online
  2. Make you think about what we’re really asking you
  3. Easily responded to in 30 seconds

We’ve been doing this for a while, and want most people to get most questions. We don’t go too obscure (mostly) and try to stay in the general knowledge trivia ballpark, with the notable exception of our special episodes. If you want to give us feedback, we’d be happy to talk with you about it! You can contact us here.

Contact us too if you want to help write future questions!


The live stream is made publicly available on, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter simultaneously. The feed should play fine on any devices that support those services, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs.

The live stream typically begins about 10 minutes before the game is scheduled to begin on all platforms.

In most cases this is a sign that your internet speeds are too slow. We stream Fast Facts Live at a bitrate that most people should have no problem streaming. If there is a problem that is on our side of the stream, we will repeat questions and make sure we don’t miss anything.

We will not send questions to anyone who misses them due to technical issues. If the stream has issues on our end, we will repeat questions going back to when the issue began. If the stream has issues on the users’ end, it would be unfair to the other players to send individuals questions.

We’ve designed Fast Facts Live and Chartybot to work with the delay that just exists with the nature of live streaming on the internet. No matter how delayed you are, Chartybot follows your lead. Questions and timers are triggered by Chartybot based on your gameplay, and are not triggered by Creativeland in the studio.