Fast Facts Live Game Rules

Fast Facts Live is an online trivia game show produced by Tom Hillmeyer and Dan O’Keefe, the co-founders of Creativeland, LLC. Creativeland, LLC is established in Wisconsin, United States. No purchase necessary to play and win. Any fees collected with the chance of winning a prize will consist of answering trivia questions: a game of skill. By entering the game, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Fast Facts Live laid out here.

Answers accepted for each question are at the sole discretion of Creativeland, LLC.

Creativeland, LLC holds sole discretion on who is allowed to play Fast Facts Live. Any prizes won by a participant of Fast Facts Live will be contacted with the email provided upon registration. If the email submitted is misspelled or invalid in any other way, the participant forfeits their prize. In coordinating the delivery of any prize, if there is a span of 30 days where Creativeland, LLC does not hear from the winner, the winner forfeits their prize at the discretion of Creativeland, LLC. Creativeland, LLC reserves the right to disqualify a winner and not award a prize at their sole discretion.

Any players found or thought to be cheating will be disqualified at the sole discretion of Creativeland, LLC.

Prizes may not be awarded to winners located outside of the United States of America. These will be dealt with by Creativeland, LLC on a case-by-case basis.


Fast Facts Live is a trivia game show based on trivia questions and answers. The rules, number of questions/rounds, and format may vary from game to game, however most games consist of five rounds of five open-ended trivia questions each. Players have the option to use one double-or-nothing for one round during the game, and once they use it they aren’t able to use it on a subsequent round. If a player correctly answered all of the questions in a round and elected to use their double-or-nothing, they will receive twice the amount of points for that round. If they incorrectly answered at least one question wrong in that round, they will receive zero points for that entire round.

There is a final “Hail Mary” question at the end of the typical game of Fast Facts Live. Players will wager between 0-10 points, and if they correctly answer the “Hail Mary” their wager will be added to their score. If they incorrectly answer the “Hail Mary” question, they will lose the amount they wagered.

In the event of a tie for first place, the tied teams will answer a final number-based question, and the closest answer is declared the winner.

Scores may appear throughout the show, both announced and shown on screen. These are not to be used as an argument of official scores as they are not updated or displayed in realtime. Scoring changes and answer judging occurs throughout the game, and scores will change.